URES - Universal Remote Engine Starter utilises the existing car alarm system's RF transmission capability to start/stop the engine. At armed state, pressing arm/disarm button twice within 3 secs triggers remote start/stop. Adds on to any ordinary car alarm system. Also able to be activated via Aux/Trunk Release button(if available).

Presetable 5-20mins run-time

Presetable 0-20secs delay at ignition position before cranking

Presetable 5-30secs delay before enabling power to the Accessories(aircon, radio)

Built-in TurboTimer, presetable from 5secs onwards or OFF, with Accessories(aircon, radio, etc) power disabling 3secs before shutting off engine

Pitstop feature that allows continuation of running engine/aircon with the security of the car armed and the key in your hands. (Good for running short errands)

All presetable settings can be done easily anytime only via the
key and brake pedal. (Instruction booklet included)

Virtual On/Off switch for disabling all of the above URES functions

5-Years Limited Warranty

Compact Dimensions L.66 W.59 H.23 Wt.85

Made in Singapore